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Sales Mobile Rocket

25 May


In the spirit of sharing our success, not because we particularly like to brag but because it may be of value to others, we are especially proud of this little sales rep app.

We recently custom designed and developed a mobile app designed to encourage sales activity for a global manufacturer client of ours.   

The app engages sales consultants to record customer facing and sales training activities through a fun, easy to use and competitive environment. It keeps track of the sales reps’ weekly performance and displays their score and ranking on a web based leaderboard. Score and ranking are then used to reward top performers with prizes.

Since its launch the app has seen significant success. It was promptly adopted by a majority of its target audience. Most importantly, it has driven a major up-tic in sales activity.

If you’re thinking of finding innovative ways to motivate your salesforce, ask us about our mobile app solutions.