Droid Suddenly Looks So Primitive…

11 Jun

… like a cave man clumsily hitting something with a big stick.  That’s because a supernatural superhuman being, whose DNA is a perfect mix of James Bond, Iron Man, Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein has just entered the scene. I’m talking about the iPhone 4 of course. Just in case you were wondering.

iPhone 4

Sliced bread all over again

Now, the only reason I’m even mentioning the Android platform is because for just a brief interlude (as the novelty of my original iPhone was sort of wearing off dare I say). I did the unimaginable and considered an Android phone as a potential contender for the prime real estate in my right front pocket. Can you imagine that? Thank heaven I have been restored to sanity. (How I was ever wooed by the cheesy animated lights on the Nexus phone’s home screen remains a mystery). That was a proverbial “flash in the pan” if there ever was one.

Steve Jobs’ iPhone 4 presentation just blew me away. The Apple design folks have managed to once again create pure magic. Not just in its interactions and features but at the very core of it, in its ability to deeply, emotionally and meaningfully connect through the experience. And that is why the Android folks — and all the other ones, save for perhaps Microsoft (I think they might be onto something with their new mobile platform) — are chasing the wrong chimera in my humble opinion. They are trying to keep up with the features and by doing so they are missing the point. But that’s a separate discussion.

So, what is it about the iPhone 4 that makes it so magical? Well here it is in simple bullet form:

  • FaceTime. Science fiction realized. Enough said.
  • The incredibly elegant folder creation scheme. Makes anything else look like pushing a wheelbarrow on cobblestones while this is like zipping away in a GT3 RS at Laguna Seca.
  • iMovie on the iPhone. The home movie experience totally reinvented. It will take years for the competition to even come close. This thing will blow your mind.
  • iAds – A very innovative approach to digital ads integration with incredible consumer engagement potential.

I could go on and on…

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