15 Jan

The User Experience plays a crucial role in what is often referred to as Post-click Marketing. An engaging landing page making use of clever creative tactics, online branding best practices and compelling calls-to-action, will convert incoming traffic at rates upwards of 20%. Conventional text laden landing pages or “e-brochure” websites’ best hopes are less than 3%.

Often times, search engine optimization strategies push the content paradigm so far that homepages become cluttered with conversion averse content. The traffic building strategy backfires because out of all the users landing on the homepage, only a minute percentage end up taking the next step and converting. On the other hand if the SEO strategy has been balanced with better User Experience on the landing page the rate of conversion would easily offset the relative loss in volume of traffic. This is simple math. If your site attracts 1000 visitors through SEO and your conversion rate is 3%, You’ll have 30 new customers. If your site attracts 300 visitors but your conversion rate is 20%, you’ll have 60 new customers. Which one would you rather have?

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